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Lakeyia Joseph


Lakeyia was a 19 year-old student when she started Golden Opportunities. She is an optimist with a glimmer of hope. From an early age, she has stood up in support of young people and gender equality in Dominica. She grew up with her under educated grandparents, and a house-full of uncles, brothers and cousins. Lakeyia’s father abandoned her before birth and her mother left in search of a better life. Joseph grew up very quickly and had to do everything on her own from learning to make her bed to deciding whether or not she will behave at school.


Lakeyia soon realized that she was faced with circumstances beyond her control, and deprived of so many benefits as a child. Not only did she want but she had to do something to make her life and the lives around her better. In 2017, the High Commissioner of Canada in Barbados named Lakeyia Dominica’s Youth Champion and Ambassador for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, and she received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for 2018, from Her Majesty The Queen.