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Our Mission

We strive to empower, educate and support the underprivileged youth of Dominica, by supplying the necessary tools they need to be positive, vibrant and successful individuals.

We want to ensure that every child receives the opportunity of obtaining an education while having everything they need to do so. We hope to impact every single school, community and family in Dominica, and to branch out outside the Caribbean in the near future.

“I consider the golden opportunity to be education because once you have the opportunity to obtain an education then you have it all, everything will fall into place.” – Lakeyia Joseph, Founder

What We Do

Golden Opportunities seeks to support the single parents of Dominica and aims to make learning more enjoyable and comfortable for students. On top of this, we promote gender equality, by providing an emotionally and psychologically stable environment for these individuals to express themselves and reach their ultimate potential.

Golden Opportunities has distributed over $10,000 worth of supplies to children and young adults. We raise funds, collect schools supplies, food and clothing, host book (and other supplies) drives, seek donors for scholarships and assist schools with various projects that strive to enhance the learning process.